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We have years of experience in the Gas Market with Rubis Gas as a partner.
With our company, you have the assurance of excellent service, be it in gas distribution or in installation at your home. We also have the solution in solar energy and air conditioning, along with a wide variety of accessories.

Propane Gas

Propane is a source of energy that's easy to use, versatile, economical and clean.
Its features make it especially attractive for uses in household or small industry segment.
Rubis Gas propane gas is a fuel with which you can easily achieve clean combustion, free from toxic residues.
Its high heat-generating capacity, an important characteristic, represents a scale factor which brings about a more economic usage.
As a whole, the characteristics of Rubis Gas propane gas still represent an advantage for those who use it, thus being able to better respond to consumption needs, within a context of energy efficiency.

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We have years of experience in the Gas Market with Rubis Gas as a partner.

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