Fields of Action

ALJEZUR:                                              LAGOS:
- Aljezur                                                   - Barão de São João

- Bordeira                                                - Bensafrim
- Odeceixe                                              - Luz
- Rogil                                                      - Odiáxere

                                                                 - Santa Maria

                                                                 - São Sebastião

- Barão de São Miguel

- Budens
- Raposeira
- Sagres
- Vila do Bispo


  • Accepts ATM cards
  • Provides Technical Support
  • We sell Butane Gas 13 kgs
  • We make home deliveries
  • Delivery on Saturdays
  • Emergency deliveries
  • Rubis Gas 24-hr. standby patrol
  • Home and assets insurance

BP Gas Home and Assets Insurance

We created the Rubis Gas Home and Assets Insurance.
It's completely free of charge for Rubis Gas clients and constitutes an excellent guarantee of your safety.
In case of an accident resulting from a gas leak, guarantees up to the amount of 25,000 euros for material damages and the treatment expenses resulting from injuries, (see policy conditions).

Request your Subscription Certificate from a Rubis Gas gas retailer now.

Rubis Gas Standby Patrol

You may rest assured knowing that Rubis Gas has a team of standby patrols available 24 hours a day for any need.

Rubis Gás-J M Monteiro e Filho
(Lagos (São Sebastião e Santa Maria))
Lagos - Rubis Gas

We have years of experience in the Gas Market with Rubis Gas as a partner.

Rua D. Vasco Gama Lote 3-lj AJ
8600-722 LAGOS
( Lagos (São Sebastião e Santa Maria) )
282 760 344
800 242 013
282 769 927